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Southwest Motorcycle Training

Terms and Conditions


When you schedule and pay for a Basic Riders Course with Southwest Motorcycle Training (SWMT) you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

You agree:

  • To provide at least 72 hours of notice if you intend to cancel or reschedule your course date
  • To appear for all training sessions on time
  • Have the required riding gear with you
  • Complete the MSF Basic eCourse within thirty days of your class date
  • Present a printed copy of your eCourse completion certificate before training begins
  • Follow all rules, regulations, and instructor directions in regards to the training program

You will forfeit your entire course fee if you:

  • Cancel or reschedule your class within 72 hours of your initial class date
  • Do not show up or arrive late for any classroom training
  • Have not completed the MSF Basic eCourse within the last thirty days
  • Do not present a printed copy of your eCourse completion certificate
  • Begin training on the motorcycle at the range and then leave for any reason
  • Arrive late for range training
  • Leave during any part of the class to include weather delays causing the class to run over the scheduled time
  • Do not wear the proper apparel/gear for riding
  • Are dismissed by the instructor for any reason
  • Self-withdraw (quit)

Classes go on rain or shine, hot or cold unless SWMT cancels the class due to severe weather.

Tuition: BRCU $225.00 (military/first responder discount available upon request)

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